Duration of this tour: HALF DAY (4-5h)
Organized by: private car/ or minivan
Level of the tour: medium with pleasant walks
Total daily distance: 70 km (43 mi.)

Included: parking, road tolls,

Come to explore the nice hilly eastern countryside.

This is a beautiful journey for photo lovers.

Driving outside the city, we stop in the CITY PARK and stroll around the public park and Transylvania Castle.

Follow the steps and spirit of queen Sissy... beloved beautiful queen of Hungary.

We stop at GODOLLO at the Royal Summer Castle, largest in size of Hungary. This was the favorite countryside castle of royal family, nobles and aristocrats. Walk along the nicely renovated castle with historic and original furnitures, learn the splendor of Austro-Hungarian Monarchy.

The Palace became the symbol of independent Hungarian statehood, and, as a residential centre it had a political significance of it own. It was Empress Elisabeth (1837-1898) who specially loved staying here, where the Hungarian personnel and neighborhood of the Palace always warmly welcomed her. Following her tragic death, a memorial park adjoining the upper-garden was built.

We will visit the newly opened section and exhibition of the castle, the nice castle park and surroundings.

Castle Museum entrance fee: HUF 2.000 pp.

RATE of this tour: $ 285 in tot. up to 4 people with my car

GÖDÖLLŐ Royal Castle tour